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Friday, 26 January 2018

Blog updates

Hello van builders!
Due to blogger not updating this app I’ve decided to move all my content plus new stuff over to my
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Scuttle Panel.Part 2

Back in November 2012 I posted about the leaking scuttle panel.There was a gap between the panel and the windscreen,which allowed water to run down the screen and lay on top of the engine.This can be bad as the injectors will get very rusty.The van is parked up in the week and when there has been a lot of heavy rain,a big puddle formed on the top of the engine.
After a bit of research I came up with a fix.This didn't entirely go to plan though!After removing all the screws that hold the two piece scuttle panel in place,I was unable to shift the two large nuts that hold on the wiper arms.This would have allowed full removable of the scuttle panels.They were quite loose though,so I used a marker pen along the top to get a line where the panel should touch the windscreen.Next I ran a bead of blck sika EBT along the length of the screen,just under the line.Then pushed the panel back onto the screen and replaced the screws.Also ran a bead of sika where the two panels are joined.Smooth off sika and job done!

It's rained a few times since and the top of the engine has remained dry,so the fix seems to be successful!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Odds And Ends.

It's been a while since my last post and the holiday seems long gone! The van worked perfectly though,everything operating as it should.I did learn a few things along the way as it was our first time using aires as the main overnight camping.I would highly recomend buying a copy of all the Aires book,from Vicarous Books.this excellent book is full of infomation and pictures to aid one in choosing good places to overnight.

I need to add a small length of hose and some fittings ,as sometimes in the bigger busier aires you need to fill up with fresh water quite quickly and my 10L can takes quite a while! A French man noticed this and lent me his hose so that he didn't have to wait long!

Back to the van then,and the folding table that I made before we left.Turned out to be a bit unstable ,wobbled a bit tool much.Here's the new one that has now taken its place.

Another job that I had to do was sort out the cutlery drawer which decided to randomly fly out when the van when round sharp corners.This was quit annoying as the contents flew all over the van floor.
The remedy is a small catch from Screwfix.Worked a treat in France as long as I remembered to close it before setting off.

There are a few more jobs/ changes to be made ,I'll reveal some in the next post.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Le Havre

 The vans parked up at the aire in Le Havre while we wait for the evening ferry.The aire is in a nice position right on the side of the port.It has 19 spaces and is right near the town.

Daisy waiting for the ferry!

Thursday, 3 July 2014



We stayed at the aire here in Honfleur for half a day ,to eat lunch on our way to Le Havre.
Its a huge aire with 100 spaces ,and was really busy.
Saw a couple of nice vans that stood out from the normal bland coach builds .

This beast was levelled up on hydrologic jacks!

This one is my ideal van,with the extra hi top to make a drop down bed.

Also spotted this stretched limo boat!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pegasus Bridge.


We realised that the bridge was on our route back to Le Havre,so we had to pay a visit.its situated in a town called Benouville and we arrived and parked up at the cafe Gondree for breakfast.

This building was made famous as it was the first house in France to be liberated by the British Army on the 5/6 June 1944.The 6th Airbourne Division,which was commanded by Major John Howard,arrived in gliders and recaptured the bridge.The cafe is still run by the Gondree family.

The bridge itself is a bascule bridge ( a movable bridge ) which swings up from one end to enable boats to move up the Caen canal,which runs between Caen and Ouistreham.The origional bridge was built in 1934 and replaced with a new identical one in 1994. The origional bridge is in the grounds of the museum of liberation ,which is situated on the other side of the bridge and well worth a visit.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


We have driven back up North today , ready to catch the ferry home from Le Harve .Staying the night on an Aire at 8€ a night.

It's quite busy here with a mixture of vans from different countries,this large beast on French plates has just pulled in and taken up two bays! I think it has room for a car in the rear end.

Quite noisy here ,as the ferry leaves late and a new one arrives early tomorrow morning.
Hoping to visit Pegasus Bridge tomorrow .