The Van

Sunday, 20 November 2011

First Window.

First of all the upright support has to be removed as it's bang in the middle of where the windows I tried marking out the opening on the inside of the panel , but there aren't any straight lines! So I went outside and measured the centre of the panel. Then drilled a hole through.the hole was almost in the same place as the inside Mark.Well within a couple of mm!.Next I used a piece of 3mm ply and made a 900x 500 template.Drilled a hole in the centre and screwed the template to the side of the van.After lining it up, drew round it with a marker pen.then used lots of masking tape around the opening so that when cutting the jigsaw doesn't scratch the paint.after measuring another 2 times I cut out the hole.Next job was to make a frame from 2x1 batten. This was glued (with sikaflex 512),to the inside of the opening.Once set the two halves of the window can be offered up an screwed together.One down and four to go!

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