The Van

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hot Air!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but this has been due to other projects indoors.Mainly the building of a hearth and fitting a woodburner ready for winter and to try and make my gas bill less!

As the days have grown shorter it means its too dark to do anything in the week,so that only leaves weekends.I picked up the eberspacher from the menders a few weeks ago and it's been sat in the garage waiting to be fitted.

The basic fitting was covered in an earlier post ( heater fitting ) in July 2012. After bolting the unit back in I decided to hot wire the pump to get the fuel drawn from the tank.This proved a bit fruitless as there seemed to be lots of bubbles! After a couple of four non starts due to air bubbles , I made a trip to the motorists discount centre and bought a cyphoning kit.This comprises of a small hand pump with two lengths of clear tube.After pumping for a while and tightening the unions at the stand pipe end,the bubbles disappeared and clear diesel flowed.After switching on the controller again it fired up and started to produce lots of loverly hot air! 

Next job is to fit the ducting.My plan is for two outlets,one into the main part of the van and the other into the wet room ,so this can double up as a drying area.
I've also started to fit the corner edgings,pictures to follow.