The Van

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sliding door window fitting.

Bought the window for the sliding door this week.It came from Magnum motorhomes.Arrived next day and I got 5% discount with my SBMCC membership . I used the same process as the sliding window on the opposite side. The template was already made and the cutting of the hole went very smoothly.After making the wooden inner frame and offering it up, the upper and lower part of the frame needed notching out. This is because there is a bracing strut that sticks out and a 900 x 500 window is the biggest size that you can fit to this vans sliding door recess. I decided to use my router to notch out the batten, but after plugging in, it didn't work . So had to use my cordless trim saw.the frame was then glued into position and the window screwed in a couple of hours later.I'm really pleased with the end result. It's top hung as the Hob is going to be next to it, so the window cab be open in the wet. This keeps rain out and also let's cooking smells out simples .

Ply floor removal and cleaning.+ new battens and insulation.

Needed to remove the old ply floor on Friday afternoon, it was in a bad state so I won't be re-using it, but it has one use left. As a template! The ply was screwed down and I managed to remove most of them, but there's always the odd one, where the head chews up . After removing all the ply there was a bucket full of mud to clear up. After a quick Hoover up, it just needed a wash.
Then I was able to get on with fixing new battens and insulation.the battens are 30 x 50 and stuck down with Sika.The insulation used is celotex 450 x 1200 batts which are 35mm thick.Ive used these as I have a whole pack left over from a job.The insulation is stuck down with pv foam.Then 12mm WPB ply is used for the new floor.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Back to insulating the walls, using 50 mm Kingspan .Need to finish this in the evenings as window for sliding door and new floor , need to go in next weekend

Shower room window and more insulation .

It was dry and sunny yesterday so I decided to fit the shower room window.This is a 500 x 300 opener.This went quite smoothly until I came to stick the inner wooden frame.Had some different adhesive as used up my stock of sika 512.The other glue had minimal grab and took ages to go off! I shall be using the rest of the tube on the floor battens.

Back to insulating after that. Bought two camping mats and stuck them in the curved area above the cab. Lots of cutting and spray glue on my hands! But end result is good.It's interesting that any bare metal areas on the roof were dripping wet,and the areas with celotex were dry.Good insulation = no condensation.