The Van

Sunday, 15 April 2012


There's no big bits to bolt on this week, so I decided as it was raining on Saturday, to run some cables. I will mainly be using CBE switches and sockets, and gauges. I started off by fitting the tank gauge loom.The wast tank is under the van o/s and the 70L fresh water tank is going to be under the kitchen unit on the n/s.the kit comes with a tank probe for fresh and two studs to fit to the waste tank.It cows with it's own loom, with is quite long and plugs into the switch. This means that you only need a live & earth feed.

I've decided to fit most of the gauges and switches above the sliding door.Cables for the pump/main light switch have also been installed there.Under the floor is feeds for toilet flush and oven / Hob ignition.The picture is of the other ends of them exiting into the fuse box area.

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