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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fixed Bed.

Built up the rear bed today, decided that the mock up in an earlier post was too over engineered. So I settled on using 2 lengths of 75x50mm for the horizontal bearers.These two timbers were fixed to the steel ribs of the van with some M8x60mm bay pole screws. These are self tapping and wound in very easily with an impact driver ( my newest tool ).
I then built a frame out of 18x44 soft wood to form the garage area underneath.Then sat the Ikea bed base on top.I just need to cut and fit a sheet of 3mm ply underneath the bed base.
Also managed to box in and ply the wheel arches.the EHU consumer unit will be fitted to the o/s wheel box, next to the hook up plug which I have already fitted.
My order of cable arrived this week, so I can start wiring in some of the lights and the rear cameras.

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