The Van

Sunday, 24 February 2013


We found a new spot on the way back from Brighton last night.Its in West Sussex and right next to the beach.Another van joined us later on in the evening.It was quite cold and only 4.5* inside the van this morning.Brrr need to get the heater working! A loverly spot though and we will probably stay again.

Monday, 18 February 2013

FREE Motorhoming UK

Hello! If like us you like Wildcamping and feel that you would be a captive audience if you stayed on sites all the time,then this is a forum that's well worth a look.Its a new site which is growing every week and offers lots of information on all types of Wilding ,Stealth camping and Boondocking.
At the moment a map of free stop overs and Wildcamping sites is being compiled. This site is Free to join and use its infomation.There is a link to Free Motorhoming UK in my links section.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

1'st Wildcamp Of The Year.

Hello! We finally managed to get our first camp of the year in.We had to make a trip to North Devon and on the way back we stopped off at a nice spot in West Dorset,by the sea.
This picture was taken with my new phone which has a flash!

Looking at the stats for this blog I can see that the audience is very varied and I receive a lot of page views from Denmark,so I'd like to say to my Danish viewers. Hej til alle de danske campingvogn!

Happy travelling !