The Van

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rear View Cameras

Hello! This post is dedicated to the rear view camera system that's been on the van for about a year now.I bought a kit off eBay which consisted of a monitor, camera and all fittings for just under £50.The van wasn't fitted with a rear view mirror as the back doors were panelled in.Firstly I made a metal bracket and fitted the monitor to the grey plastic trim that the interior light fits too.The camera is fitted above the rear doors and is switched on all the time whilst driving.The camera has quite a wide beam and makes a very good rear view mirror.The direction is switchable on the monitor making it ideal when driving abroad.

When I realised that the monitor was able to work two cameras, another one was purchased.This came from eBay and was £11.Its a much smaller camera which has distance marks which show up on the monitor,making it ideal for reversing up close to things.Another small bracket was made and the camera fitted under the bumper.Everything is wired through the LB electrics so the monitor can be switched on perminatly.

Overall the system works very well and is a good addition to aid rear vision and reversing.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Extra Work Surface ( Part 2).

Here's the other folding work top.Made with 2 metal brackets that I bought from Screwfix .It has a temporary top at the moment and we havn't decided on the colour of laminate to use for finishing.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Extra Work Surface ( Part 1).

We've Been using the van a lot lately for days out enjoying the sunshine . I like cooking in the van ,but there's a distinct lack of work surface! Now, I know that there are compromises that have to be made due to internal size and layout etc.So this problem needed addressing urgently.

I've fitted a smev sink ( no drainer ) and a three burner hob.The draining of crockery etc is taken care of by the purchase of a plastic unit from Lidl.This works well,but when the sink and hob are in use at the same time, there's nowhere to put it!

The front of the wardrobe is not finished yet,so I had an idea for a pull out work top.This has been made using a pair of sliding drawer runners.They have ball bearings inside and work very smoothly.the top is a prototype at the moment and will be changed fora thicker piece of ply and laminated with Formica to match the other surfaces at a later date.

I'm pleased with the result and next job is to make a fold up surface for the other end of the kitchen unit.

Stephen .

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cab Curtain

Hello! This post has been requested by Christine!
A cab curtain is a duel purpose fitment.In winter time,when drawn it keeps heat in the back ( as the front of the van isn't double glazed).In summertime drawing the curtain on a hot sunny day ( something of a novelty in England !!), keeps the back cool, as the front cab area acts likes green house.Also when trying to stealth camp in urban areas drawing the curtain blocks out light being omitted from the rear.

For my curtain I bought a black fleece throw and cut it in half.Ive done this as we mainly wildcamp and if we need to drive off at short notice then the curtains can be parted for quick access to the cab.I also wanted the sides of the curtains to be tight fitting.This is going to be achieved by using iron on Velcro . The passenger side has been completed.Velcro was cut to length and one piece has been glued to the side of the door pillar,next to the sliding door rubber.This allows a tight fit and stops light,draughts coming through.The other piece of Velcro is then ironed on to the side of the curtain.
The curtain fits very well and as the side sticks to the pillar ,it doesn't blow about when the The sliding door is opened on a windy day.At the moment the curtains are hung using a wire,but this is only temporary until the cupboard above the cab is finished.