The Van

Monday, 19 November 2012

One Year On.

It's been a year now since our trip to Cornwall to collect a large white van.I remember cruising back to Bournemouth in it and enjoying the speed and comfort .Once home opening the back doors and staring at the massive empty space.
Well one year on and it's up and running,but not finished yet.We're using the van regularly now as and it has most of the services fitted and working.I'm quite pleased with how things have progressed,some things quicker than others.
If there's something that I've not been sure about then there's the brilliant SBMCC forum,a mine of information and encouragement and also google and YouTube .
The build has started to slow a little now due to the shorter days,but Im aiming for completion by Easter!

Happy building


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Scuttle Panel.

I've read a few articles lately about water laying on top of the engine on X250 series vans.After a heavy shower I popped the bonnet to take a look at mine.Puddle of water on top! On closer inspection ,the scuttle panel is not sealing to the windscreen properly,allowing water to run down the windscreen,behind the scuttle and lay on top of the engine.Normally when it was used as a van it would be in use every day,but now in its pampered life as a camper it only gets used at weekends .
After reading stories of injectors rusting out I need to do something about it.I'll post again with my solution.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hot Water!

We had a power cut this morning,it lasted for a few hours.Vonnie didn't manage to shower before hand. Result! After pumping gas into the van and getting the hob working , I needed a guinea pig to test the shower.
Well after filling the boiler and turning on the gas,Click and it fired into life! It's very quiet and not a lot of heat is emitted from the flue.After 35 minutes it was ready.Vonnie's very impressed,the water was hot and there is a good flow of water from the Bristan shower.Happy days.
I tried to take a picture of the steam coming out of the flue,but its rubbish! So overall the Truma looks quite impressive,it's a gas only model but we wildcamp all the time so the 240 element won't really be needed.
My table leg and rail have arrived ,so more to do.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Smev Hob & New Worktop.

After finally acquiring a three burner hob last week, eBay bargain and £60 cheaper than in the shops, it meant that the temporary worktop had to be removed.This was 18mm thick and cut as a template to get the sink working.

The new worktop is cut out of 12mm ply and will be laminated with some 3mm Formica , which can then be edged with 15mm knock in strip.

Once the sink and tap had been re plumbed in the hob was fitted and the 12 volt ignition wired in.I just need to buy a fitting then the gas can be connected.