The Van

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Alfresco Dining.

Due to the front layout change I was left with a wall hung, sliding table rail and an adjustable leg.Ive made good use of it and made an outside alfresco dining table.Not sure wether the tabletop is too small,but as its only a piece of 12mm ply at the moment,I can always cut a bigger one!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Kitchen Cupboard

Hello !

The kitchen cupboard was slightly harder to make as it has an angled end panel ,plus a back panel which is seen when the side door is open.Its made in the same way as the bigger one that I made last post.Lots of cutting,glueing and laminating.Im pleased with the finished result though and am thinking to add a shelf to the inside as its quite tall and is being used as a food store.

I've nearly used up the four sheets of light oak board ( started cutting up the last one now) and it looks like another one maybe two will be needed.Next up is an outside table and some led lights under the cupboards to fit.