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Friday, 25 November 2011

Roof window

Next I decided to fit a mini heki roof window at the rear of the van, above the bed.this has a 400 x 400 cut out size.I made a template out of 3mm ply, and after lining up in the centre of the roof and between the internal rafters , drew round the template. Next stick masking tape where jigsaw base sits and cut hole. I had already made a 400 x 400 frame out of 25 x 50 mm batten.This was then glued to the inside of the roof opening. Outside the corigations in the roof need to be packed out so that the heki sits flush. For this I used some D section pvc, which I had in the garage. This was the same thickness as the depth of the roof corigations. These we glued in to place with sika 512.

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