The Van

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Headlamp Bulb Changing.

This post is purely about bulb changing in the headlamp unit.If like me you don't have a manual it can be a bit daunting as it's pretty near inpossible to remove any of the bulbs with the headlamp unit in situ.
A quick post on the SBMCC ( thanks Kev) and it all became clear.I took a few photo's while I was at it.Doesn't take long once you know what to do.

First (after opening the bonnet)! There are two screws to remove at the inside edge of the unit.This will loosen the plastic trim panel above the unit.Theres a plastic push fit type clip in the centre area of the trim.This needs prising up carefully ,then the whole thing hinges out from the wing area.

Then two screws under the unit and carefully price out the clips.One in the middle and another nearer the wing.This panel was harder to remove than the top one!

Next there's three bolts to remove (10mm socket).One bolt ontop of the unit and two below
Now the whole light unit can be pulled forward enough to gain access to the bulb holder.Twist the large black round panel( centre of pic 2) anti clockwise till it clicks then it pulls out revealing the said bulbs.Squeeze open the two spring catches and remove the electric plug.Job done.

When I fitted it all back together I used copper grease on the screws/bolts.This stops them seizing and makes it easier to remove them next time.

Monday, 6 January 2014


Hello! And happy New Year.

I havn't done much to the van lately as it just won't stop raining!! I have managed to fit the eberspacher controller in its permanent position ( above the Truma water boiler control) ,which is in the face of the wall cupboard,adjacent to the sliding door.also fitted a co2 alarm.

Back to the ebber,and I've added another outlet.This is because it needed one towards the front of the van.I thought it would be a simple job! No! The 80mm ducting wouldn't squeeze under the shower tray.So I ended up using some 44mm domestic waste pipe, which just about fits in the void.At each end the ducting is moulded around the smaller pipe and taped up with ally actually works very well and throws out plenty of hot air.The outlet is in the side facing seat area.The seat base is also now home to two 240v sockets and a double USB socket.One of the sockets will be connected to the consumer unit,and the other will be to the inverter.The same set up will be in the kitchen area.The USB socket is for charging phones and tablets.