The Van

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

All White

Been busy lining the shower room Walls this week. Bought 3 sheets of hard glaze from Magnums.Took a bit of time to profile it and cut, but finished result looks quite good . Glued it on with neat PVA.The boards need to be held in place with battens and the odd screw here and there, until it sets.As it's been quite hot, that didn't take long!
I need to seal all the joints with a good quality sanitary sealant.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Water Works.

I've been working on the water supply lately.Piped the fresh water tank in and filled it up. All the pipe work has been done in 15mm JG Speedfit.This is a very easy system to use and I've been able to install isolating valves for each appliance.
The fresh water tank is located under the kitchen unit and is pumped round the back of the fridge, under the bed and tee's off for the toilet ( electric flush model) and carries on to supply the water boiler, which is not fitted yet and the shower & basin.
The toilet is now working and there are no leaks ! Also wired up the tank gauges and tested. The fresh water probe is working but waste pipes to tank are still to be fitted.
Each side of the pump I've used semi rigid blue pipe to stop rattles.There's a drain off exiting under the sliding door, which comes in handy for filling the dogs bowel. 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Digital switch over.

Hello! Loverly and sunny in Bournemouth today  , so I decided to fit the status tv arial. The instructions are very easy to follow.Firstly Mark up where it's going, rear o/s of van in my case.
Next cut a 44mm hole, and paint the bare edges.A small fillet piece was needed as the hole was in the middle of two corrugations.Cut this out of a piece of upvc flat board. This was almost the same thickness as the protruding part.Then its just a case of screwing down the cover plates and inside fittings, sliding the mast in last.
Quite a quick easy job really.
First picture shows mast fully extended and the second is fully lowered for travel.Now all that's needed inside is to wire in the booster box and connect to the tv plug.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Gas tank fitting.

Hello! Been cracking on with the van in between showers . The gas tank is now bolted up under the floor.It's held up with four m10 bolts, which fit into the four lugs which are welded to the top of the tank.

First job was to dry fit the tank to find the best position.On my van it's just behind the exhaust back box.The first problem was how to Mark the four captive nuts inside the lugs.The gap was too small to be able to get a pencil in.So I used masking tape around the sides of the lugs. ( the White patches in the first picture are where the tank knocked of my freshly painted underseal ). Then I removed the tank and made a wooden template.This was then offered up between the masking tape.
I used a 20mm drill bit to give a bit of movement, just incase the holes didn't line up.the tank was then jacked back up and alined with the holes.It was quite a good fit .

On the inside of the van I have used two lengths of heavy duty flat strap.This is 30mm wide and 5mm thick. It sits nicely in the corrugations of the floor. I drilled the holes out to 10mm, and added a penny washer on top. One length of bar did two holes.Then the bolts where wound in and pulled the tank up nice and tight.

There's no movement at all, just need to test over a local speed hump.Next I need to fit the pipework into the van.