The Van

Monday, 26 May 2014

Sliding Door Finishing.

Hello there!

The sliding door is quite a large area to cover.Its bigger than one 8 x 4 sheet and quite a fiddle to fix.Especially if you've already built a kitchen unit, which covers most of it! Like me.

So, I've used two sheets of 3mm birch ply.The bottom panel ,which was black plastic was used as a template.Before fixing ,the void was filled with a sheet of space blanket that was left over from a job.This should give a bit of extra insulation.Then using an angled drill to fix some self drilling/tapping screws.

The top section was a little harder,as there was the window to cut out and a reveal to form.The top part of the door is insulated with some 25mm Kingspan,held in with expanding foam.the board is then fixed in the same way and edged round the reveal.

Both panels have been oiled and will need sanding and another couple of coats at a later date.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Drivers Seat Swivel.

I fitted the seat swivel to the drivers seat today.Its a CTA the same as the passenger seat.Just need some seat covers now to match the seats up.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nearly finished Kitchen unit.

I've had a big push on the kitchen unit this weekend.It needed completely rebuilding due to me wanting to change the sink with a lid,for an open one with a drainer.After living in the van for more than a day,it soon became apparent that the lid got in the way.Plus there was no drainer to act as an extra work surface.
The new sink unit worked out at 50mm longer than the old one,so a new frame work had to be built around the fresh water tank.The frame work is clad in 4mm birch ply and the doors are 15mm birch.This has then been finished with oil.
The oven /grill is a Thetford Spinflo and works very well.All that's left to do is a handle on the cutlery drawer and a couple of shelves inside the cupboard .