The Van

Monday, 28 January 2013

Jobs On Another Van

I havn't done anything on the van lately because Ive been fitting some goodies to my Brothers van.he full times in his van so wants to be as self sufficient as possible as he's off grid.

He's gone for a twin 6kg refillable system with an auto changeover valve.The whole kit was bought from FES Autogas.The system was quite easy to fit and needed a 70mm hole cut in the side of the van for the filling point ( the black circle in the bottom left of the first picture ). Both bottles took £18 to fill which is roughly what you pay for an exchange calor of the same size,so he's saving money already.The heating is blown air Truma and with the fridge and hot water he should need to refill once a week.

Next job was to fit two 100 watt solar panels on the roof. There was enough room for them side by side in the middle.Panels glued on and hole drilled for cables,it was all finished in a couple of hours.They started working straight away,even though its been quite cloudy today.He just needs to add another battery and his system is complete .


  1. Stephen, just a short question: What glue you used to glue the solar panels to the roof? I am looking to do the same in my van, and I don't want to drill many holes, just 1 for the wires. I live in the USA. Thanks

    1. Hello Luis! The glue that I use is called Sika EBT.There are also other types made by Sika.

  2. Hi Stephen I'm going to do likewise in my MH and fit 2 x 6kg gasit bottles with change over and fill point . My other job is to fit 2 x 100w solar panels question what controller did you use and do you have a schematic of the wiring if possible

  3. Hello Marc! I bought a cheap controller £35 from eBay ,it works well and I will upgrade to a better one at a later date.Since fitting a BM1 battery monitor,I've noticed that the solar controller gives a slightly higher voltage reading.
    As for the wiring,it's very simple.You get a diagram with they controller There are two wires from the panel/s and then two from controller to batts.I used 4mm solar cable bought by the metre on eBay .A fuse is needed on the +ve cable from battery to controller.Hope this helps!