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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wardrobe Planing.

Thought I'd fit the turbo vent in the roof and a Seitz window in the back door,this weekend.It was raining Saturday morning! So there was a change of plan.
The fridge arrived this week, it's a 90 litre compressor type.It arrived in a massive box, on it's own pallet . Easily my biggest parcel yet! I'll be hardwiring it to the LB using 6mm cable and it's own 15amp fuse.I have already run the live/earth cables in the trunking under the floor, ready for connection later.
I have made a plinth out of 12mm ply for the fridge to sit on.It's about 62mm off the floor.Above the fridge will be the wardrobe.I have started to build the stud-work out of 18x44 softwood.It will be clad will 3mm decorative ply.

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