The Van

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Memory foam mattress.

I've finally been able to get rid of the blow up mattress that we've been using in the van.To be honest, it was horrible! it creaked and was also quite cold at night as the air inside the bed didn't get warm.
Now in its place is a memory foam one.This started out as a standard double size.The bed in the van is 1820mm x 1200mm, so the mattress needed to be trimmed.
After a bit of research the general advice seems to be the electric carving knife.So after buying one I set to work.
First job was to remove the cover on the mattress, mine had a zip at one end. Then mark up the size required and its ready to cut.I used the finest blade and started from one end.The blade doesn't go all the way through in one go, so you need to hold the cut bit of foam in one hand while cutting the bottom.
It's quite a quick job and doesn't make much mess, just as well as I did the whole operation on the dinning room table while Vonnie was out!
When I put the foam back inside the outer cover it wasn't as baggy as I thought it would be, so there didn't seem any need to alter it.
It's a very good fit in the van and a rally good nights sleep was had on our trip to Beechy Head.


  1. You're right on the mark using an electric knife to cut your memory mattress. They're excellent for re-sizing any kind of open-cell foam too, not just memory foam. Serrated bread knives work well too, but take a little more time and caution of course!

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