The Van

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Floor Covering.

Hello there! 

I've finally got round to choosing and fitting the floor covering.We decided on some vinyl cushion flooring in a wood block patten.Its easy to keep clean and warm under foot.Choosing it was the easy part of the whole exercise !
I made sure that there was enough to cover the whole flor of the van,including the garage area under the bed.It did take longer to fit than I anticipated,due to the amount of cutting and scribing in.Its stuck down with spay glue.The finished results are very pleasing and another job ticked off the list.

We've been busy using and camping in the van lately,hence the lack of jobs completed. 
There are a number of other jobs which I will be attempting in the next month or so,these are:

Finish fitting the heater ( top of the list due to this glorious summer ending soon ).

Water ingress through the rear light units.

The inside of the wardrobe ( walls,ceiling,hanging rail ).  

Waterproofing around the wet room door.

Over cab cupboard front.


  1. I like, looks great in the pics

  2. Thanks mate! Yes it's finally coming together ,most of the big stuff is done now.Lots of trim to finish though.