The Van

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Single Seat Fitting.

I've now fitted the single passenger seat and the swivel that I bought a couple of weeks ago.The actual job was quite easy,the swivel that I've used is a CTA one.This is the easiest swivel that I've ever fitted.All the holes lined up and instructions where brief ,but too the point! And enough fixings to do the job.

Firstly remove the double seat,two bolts at the front and two star bolts at the back.You don't need to wind out the back ones all the way,as the seat will slide back off of them once they are loose enough.

Seat removed and ready for the single one.I bolted the whole seat in first and then seperate it from the base to fit the swivel.

Swivel bolted to the base and now single seat can be sat on top and bolted down.

The finished job! The seat belt tensioners need to be plugged in next to the yellow plug under the seat.At the moment I have coiled up the second pretensioner under the seat.You can leave it like this or obtain a resister which when fitted fools the computer into thinking there's still three seatbelts.This is the route that I'm taking and will do a seperate post when it's done.

I now need a second swivel for the drivers seat.I purchased the CTA swivel from Spirit Leisure,there's a link in the links section.


  1. Very smart. Definitely going to be one of my future projects too.

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