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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Raised bed

Started planning the rear fixed bed today.We had to go to Ikea the other day and I managed to pick up a bargain bed frame.It was originally £65, but reduced to £19.50 as it had a broken slat.I needed to shorten it to 1865 mm which resulted in loosing one slat!  result! I've also narrowed the width to 1200mm and fixed it all back together.
For the frame I'm using 75x50mm timbers.One is to be fixed horizontal on the side ribs and then two vertical legs nearest the back doors.The other side will sit on some 18x40mm stud,which will form the bathroom wall on one side, and the wardrobe/ fridge wall on the other.This leaves a nice size garage under the bed for storage.I can't fix anything permanently yet until The waste tank and shower arrive.

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