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Sunday, 1 April 2012

No more wet floor.

Every time it's wet or there is a heavy dew and you open the sliding door, the floor gets wet! To overcome this there is Dripstop. It's basically a rubber gutter with 3m sticky tape on the back.

Fitting is quite easy as long as a few easy tips are followed.When the Dripstop is delivered ( 2m length in this case), it's rolled up. When you unravel its all kinked and twisted.I opened it up and straightened it as much as possible

Before fitting Mark a straight line on the van where you want it to sit.I left the gutter on the roof for a few hours as it was very hot and sunny. This made it a bit more plyeable. The trusty hot air gun was still needed though to make it even softer.Make sure it's well sealed to the side of the van ( there are two seams on mine which may need a blob of silicone), no rain yet but quite a heavy dew last night and a dry door .

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