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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Wet room.

Loverly and sunny again in Bournemouth .Didn't go away this weekend, it's still really difficult to get fuel without queuing for ages,why do people panic so much?

Decided to make a start on the wet room on Saturday.First job was to put the shower tray and toilet in place and check on removing the cassette through the access door.After a bit of shuffling and bits of wood, I need to raise the tray and toilet 60mm. This will ease the removal of the cassette.I fitted the access door as low as possible without cutting into the plastic trim strip.

The thetford tray with cut out for the c200 series toilet has provision to be trimmed and made smaller in width and length.I have cut 20mm from the length and 60mm from the width.This was necessary to pull out and remove the fridge if needed.The frame work is 18x44mm soft wood, it will be faced with 3mm decorative ply later.It's coming along quite Nicely, just need to add some more noggins and finalise the door opening size.

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