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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Digital switch over.

Hello! Loverly and sunny in Bournemouth today  , so I decided to fit the status tv arial. The instructions are very easy to follow.Firstly Mark up where it's going, rear o/s of van in my case.
Next cut a 44mm hole, and paint the bare edges.A small fillet piece was needed as the hole was in the middle of two corrugations.Cut this out of a piece of upvc flat board. This was almost the same thickness as the protruding part.Then its just a case of screwing down the cover plates and inside fittings, sliding the mast in last.
Quite a quick easy job really.
First picture shows mast fully extended and the second is fully lowered for travel.Now all that's needed inside is to wire in the booster box and connect to the tv plug.

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