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Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Water Works.

I've been working on the water supply lately.Piped the fresh water tank in and filled it up. All the pipe work has been done in 15mm JG Speedfit.This is a very easy system to use and I've been able to install isolating valves for each appliance.
The fresh water tank is located under the kitchen unit and is pumped round the back of the fridge, under the bed and tee's off for the toilet ( electric flush model) and carries on to supply the water boiler, which is not fitted yet and the shower & basin.
The toilet is now working and there are no leaks ! Also wired up the tank gauges and tested. The fresh water probe is working but waste pipes to tank are still to be fitted.
Each side of the pump I've used semi rigid blue pipe to stop rattles.There's a drain off exiting under the sliding door, which comes in handy for filling the dogs bowel. 

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