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Monday, 25 June 2012

Hot Water! (well nearly).

I've been busy this weekend. It was time to fit the hot water boiler. It's a Truma ultrastore 10 litre,gas only model.Its possible to add a 240v element to speed up the heating of the water.I probably won't bother as mostly we like to wild camp, so no hook up and the gas tank is 38 litres, should be enough.

Fitting was quite straight forward , once a few things are taken into consideration . Firstly the flue outlet should be more than 300mm from an opening window and 500mm from a gas filling point.The only place that I could fit the boiler is under the travel seat.Its under the window, but more than the 300mm needed, and that part of the window is fixed and more than 500mm from the gas filler point, which is the black circle to the right of the flue in pictures 1&2.
The next problem was to make sure that the flue exited above the plastic trim line.This is done by making a ply plinth for the boiler to sit on. Mine needed the hot water pipe running under the plinth.There is a gas drop out hole to the right of the boiler, and I also needed to drill a hole and fit the shower waste.
On the outside the flue is sealed with some butol mastic ( the type used for sealing gutter joints etc ).It only comes in black and is quite runny.Top tip is to buy some cheap baby wipes from lidl or similar.I find them very useful for wiping away the excess.
So that's where we are at the moment, need to connect the gas and water pipes up and then we're ready to test 😄.

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