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Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Hello !

I placed an order with magnums for some more light oak board ( 4 sheets ) ,1 sheet of hard glaze,a radius corner,a corner trim and some locker lining.This should be enough to make all the doors ,rear locker and panels for the side door.

I made a start at the weekend by making the wet room door.This was made with a piece of 9mm ply ,which was sandwiched between 3mm light oak on the front and 3mm hard glaze on the inside.The door ends up at 15mm thick and after routing out a 2mm groove, some 15mm knock in edging is used to finish the edges.

It was quite a lot of work,toiling in the heat 29* ! But I'm not complaining as we've waited long enough for the summer to arrive! Anyway back to the door,which is the biggest one that needs making and quite heavy! So I've used 3 hinges to hang it ( double cranked ). The push latch took a few measures ,check and measure again, before drilling a 25mm hole through the door.

It looks quite good and its nice to have a door on the bathroom at last.Ive hung it so that it opens towards the front of the van,thus creating a dressing area where you can't be seen from the front lounge area.Next job is to line the front of the wardrobe/fridge unit and make the wardrobe door.

Stephen .

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