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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rear View Cameras

Hello! This post is dedicated to the rear view camera system that's been on the van for about a year now.I bought a kit off eBay which consisted of a monitor, camera and all fittings for just under £50.The van wasn't fitted with a rear view mirror as the back doors were panelled in.Firstly I made a metal bracket and fitted the monitor to the grey plastic trim that the interior light fits too.The camera is fitted above the rear doors and is switched on all the time whilst driving.The camera has quite a wide beam and makes a very good rear view mirror.The direction is switchable on the monitor making it ideal when driving abroad.

When I realised that the monitor was able to work two cameras, another one was purchased.This came from eBay and was £11.Its a much smaller camera which has distance marks which show up on the monitor,making it ideal for reversing up close to things.Another small bracket was made and the camera fitted under the bumper.Everything is wired through the LB electrics so the monitor can be switched on perminatly.

Overall the system works very well and is a good addition to aid rear vision and reversing.

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