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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Heater Fitting.

I know it's summer, but I needed to think about fitting the heater, to use when this loverly weather finally disappears.I had an Eberspacher D2 airtronic waiting in the garage.This was bought secondhand on eBay.
It wasn't a complete kit, and I won't know wether it works untill it's fired up!
It is a blown air heater that draws diesel from the main tank and needs 12 volt power to fire it up.These heaters are used by lorry drivers and in boats,and use very little fuel.
I needed to buy a few bits before fitting. These were new fuel pipe,fuel pipe clips.Stand pipe for the fuel tank, some ducting and a fuse assembly.Next task was to decide where to fit it.Space in the middle of the van has disappeared due to relocation of batteries.I'll cover this later.So final resting place is under the bed.
After a lot of measuring inside and underneath, I marked up the holes and cut. The ebber came with a fitting kit which was used to mark up the exhaust and air intake holes.Also managed to download a PDF fitting/user manual from the interweb,it's made the whole job a lot easier!
Once fitted in position 6mm red and black cables where run under the shower room to the battery and the cables for the controller had to be extended, as I wanted to mount it on the other side of the shower room.
Next was probably the most daunting job, cutting a hole in the fuel tank!this was a 25mm diam hole for the standpipe.The fuel tank is plastic and actually thicker than I was expecting.I did use a brand new hole saw though.
Then it was just a matter of running the fuel pipe from the diesel tank, under the van, through the fuel pump to the ebber.There is also two cables from the pump to ebber to extend.

As its fitted under the bed I've buit a ply box around it.This is to protect it and if it's noisy then I can insulate the box.So that's were we are at the moment, next job is to add the ducting and see if it works!

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