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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Solar Panel Fitting. Part 1.

Hello ! I've finally got round to fitting the solar panel mentioned in a previous post.My Brother-in-law has recently fitted a 100 watt panel to his caravan and it's working very well at the moment, due to the late summer sunshine.

Firstly I bought a length of ally corner from B&Q. It's 30mm x 30mm and I bought a 1m length. This is enough to make 4 brackets as I plan to get another panel at a later date.

Then cut two 500mm lengths and drill 4 holes at equal spacings. The holes are marked so that when fitted to the panel there is a 20mm air gap between the underside of panel and top of roof.

Next the brackets are offered up to the ends short ends of the panel and the four holes are drilled into the panel.then all holes enlarged with a 7mm drill.The brackets are then bolted to the panel with some M 5.5 bolts washers/nuts.

The panel is then ready to offer up on the roof.It was at this moment that the wind decided to pick up! No I didn't drop it 😏.

I've fitted it between the front and back roof light and it spans 4 ribs. That leaves 4 sunken ribs. I cut 8 @ 30 mm squares from a length of upvc d section. These were then glued with Sika to the roof.Glueing them in the middle of the corrugations allows for ang water to pass to the central gutter and leave the roof.

Next the panel was stuck to the roof with Sika Ebt , this is cheaper than 512 Sika and is sold in Screwfix. Your able to buy some on a Saturday afternoon as they are open alm day! .The excess Sika is then smoothed off leaving a 5mm joint.The Sika remains flexible after curing, so allowing for movement and flexing of the van roof.

That's it for part one.Part 2 will show connecting of cables and fitting of the regulator.


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