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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Solar panel fitting. Part 2.

Once glued to the Roof it's time to drill another hole! 25mm this time.this is to allow the two cables from the panel to enter inside the van.The hole has been drilled so that it is in the dinette area. Painted with anti rust paint then a rubber grommet fitted.The +ve and -ve cables are the threaded through the gland of the roof entry box and inside the van. The box was then glued to the roof with Sika . At this stage you can then move inside the van.

The next job is to site the controller. I'm using a 20 amp Juta model with an lcd screen.It is screwed to the wall above the window and rear two cables are fitted from the controller to the + & - terminals of the leisure battery.Ive added an inline fuse to the + ve cable , next to the battery. 4mm cable has been used.These two cables are connected first so that the controller can read the battery voltage.then the cables from the panel can be connected to the controller. That's alm there is too it! You should then start to receive free electricity!!

The controller is fitted temporary at the moment as there will be an overhead locker added at a later date, so the cables will be hidden.
I'll post again when I've been able to gauge the results.

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