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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Boarding Out.

Hello! It's been loverly and sunny here this week so Ive made a start on fitting the lining boards.Decided to go with the light oak patten in the end.Its 3mm thick , 8 x 4 sheets.Magnums delivered me 4 sheets , plus some knock in edging and a radius corner all in light oak.Also I needed to buy a router bit for cutting the slot for the knock in edging trim.4 boards may not be enough,but will give me plenty to be getting on with.

Once cut the boards are glued in with good old PVA wood glue.I started with the wall behind the settee as this took a whole sheet.The settee base and one side of the wet room have now been covered.

The next job is to make a wall cupboard to go above the settee to house crockery and food.Ive made a start on it and will show the results in a Seperate post.

We decided last minute to wildcamp last night and drove up the road to Barton for the night.

Enjoy your van!


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