The Van

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Layout Change.

Hello! As we've been using the van for quite a while now,(even though its not finished) and the swivel seats are not fitted yet,it became clear that it was a bit cramped with the dinette seating and the table up.The rear seat didn't have seatbelts as it wasn't a travel seat and wasn't needed to carry passengers.So I decided to take it out and build a side facing settee.This would giveaway bigger seating area and more space in the gangway.
Theres a bit of extra work to do,mainly moving the batteries and wiring.The water heater stays in the same place and the batteries move to the other end of the new seat.The first picture shows the old seat removed and the second one is the basic framework in position.The frame is constructed from 18 x 44 softwood which is glued and screwed.The outside of the seat will be clad with some 3mm finishing ply.

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