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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cab Curtain

Hello! This post has been requested by Christine!
A cab curtain is a duel purpose fitment.In winter time,when drawn it keeps heat in the back ( as the front of the van isn't double glazed).In summertime drawing the curtain on a hot sunny day ( something of a novelty in England !!), keeps the back cool, as the front cab area acts likes green house.Also when trying to stealth camp in urban areas drawing the curtain blocks out light being omitted from the rear.

For my curtain I bought a black fleece throw and cut it in half.Ive done this as we mainly wildcamp and if we need to drive off at short notice then the curtains can be parted for quick access to the cab.I also wanted the sides of the curtains to be tight fitting.This is going to be achieved by using iron on Velcro . The passenger side has been completed.Velcro was cut to length and one piece has been glued to the side of the door pillar,next to the sliding door rubber.This allows a tight fit and stops light,draughts coming through.The other piece of Velcro is then ironed on to the side of the curtain.
The curtain fits very well and as the side sticks to the pillar ,it doesn't blow about when the The sliding door is opened on a windy day.At the moment the curtains are hung using a wire,but this is only temporary until the cupboard above the cab is finished.

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