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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Extra Work Surface ( Part 1).

We've Been using the van a lot lately for days out enjoying the sunshine . I like cooking in the van ,but there's a distinct lack of work surface! Now, I know that there are compromises that have to be made due to internal size and layout etc.So this problem needed addressing urgently.

I've fitted a smev sink ( no drainer ) and a three burner hob.The draining of crockery etc is taken care of by the purchase of a plastic unit from Lidl.This works well,but when the sink and hob are in use at the same time, there's nowhere to put it!

The front of the wardrobe is not finished yet,so I had an idea for a pull out work top.This has been made using a pair of sliding drawer runners.They have ball bearings inside and work very smoothly.the top is a prototype at the moment and will be changed fora thicker piece of ply and laminated with Formica to match the other surfaces at a later date.

I'm pleased with the result and next job is to make a fold up surface for the other end of the kitchen unit.

Stephen .

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