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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Negative Polarity.

When I hooked up to the EHU at the aire in St Seurin and looked at the plug tester inside the van,only one light was on instead of the usual three.The plug was saying that neutral and live wires were wrong.I won't go into why or what happens as I don't really understand it or the consequences ,but you can google it and all will be explained.

I had read about it before without really understanding it,so I packed a small length of orange cable and two plugs in the van.After a quick read,one plug was wired in as normal and the other one was wired with the neutral and live reversed.I decided to use the end that plugs into the van for this.
After plugging in and switching on,all was well, three lights glowing.

That's the only aire that I've needed to use the reversed polarity lead so far.Those plug testers are a really useful thing to take along with you to France though and naked up a lead before you go.

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