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Tuesday, 17 June 2014



It's still very warm and sunny here.Its about 25*c with a breeze. We took a ride to  town called Pons,this has shops etc,but also a couple of interesting buildings that are worth checking out.

The first being a fortified keep which is perched at the top of a hill and has panoramic views over the Seugne valley.The first keep was completely destroyed in 1179 by a certain Richard the lion heart,who came to put down a revolt.It was rebuilt as it is today by Geoffrey 111,Lord of Pons ( great name ) ,and finished in 1187.Its an amazing tower with a museum at the bottom.

The second building is the hotel De Ville with its gardens that sits next to the tower.its rather a splendid building too.

When we go to Pons we usually go to our favourite resturant which is situated next to the tower.Unfortunatly is was closed for renovation!! So we had to use the one on the right( it's not as good though ).

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