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Friday, 13 June 2014

We're In The Charante Maritime!


After leaving the Loire region we drove about 100 miles to get to our favourite region,the Charente Maritime! Its hot and sunny! 30*c to be precise !Happy Days.

A quick stop in the Super U in Gemozac,which has been massively extended since we were last here.And is now quite large with a big range of items.We then headed for our next nights stop St Seurine D'Uzet.This is one of our favourite places.The aire is along side a tidal creak ,which flows in from the Gironde Estuary.At the other side is a large grass area with picnic tables and a great view over the estuary .

For 7€ a night you get unlimited EHU ,potable water and waste emptying!The lady came over on a push bike to collect the money and recognised us from when we used to camp at the municiple site on the opposite side of the river.This was a large site with 50 pitches,but has been closed for three years now,probably due to the recession .There is a small shop across the road fom the port where baguettes ,wine and other goodies can be purchased.

There's also a loverly old church that's open all the time.Here is a quick picture ,I'll add some more later.

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