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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vets In France.


We left it a bit late to take Daisy to the vets to get checked over etc.Its a minimum of 24h and a max of 120h before returning to the UK.After a quick look on line one wad located in Gemozac,so we swung by at 10am.There was a little wait as two people were waiting before us.The receptionist spoke English and disapeared with Daisy's passport.

After a while it was out turn and we were ushered into a room.The vet didn't speak any English ( he probably did ,but didn't let on ) ! Anyway he gave Daisy a good examination and all was good.After filling in the passport we parted with 32€ and were on our way, next door to Lidl to buy some pan chocolate for breakfast!

Here's a picture of the vets,small non descript building with a dirty sign.

Here's the details of the vets

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